ANO is a clothing and accessory label that upcycles things otherwise destined for landfill into reusable items.  The fashion industry is the second most pollutant industry on this planet (second only to the oil industry).  Creating new materials has a detrimental impact in itself (Approximately 7000 litres of water are used to produce one pair of jeans – which is the amount of water one individual drinks in 5-6 years) and when they are put into landfill, the toxins released are even more harmful to our environment.  For more information about the fashion and textile industry, please watch “The True Cost” documentary – available on Netflix. Follow ANO on facebook by clicking here.

It is important to ANO to pass on this information and the skills for repairing, remaking and upcycling clothing.  There are beginner workshops available, suitable to all people, regardless of prior experience and skills as well as more advanced workshops where you can hone your skills and bring your UFO (un-finished objects) to be completed in a supportive, creative, fun environment.

Clothes swaps are brilliant events where our unwanted belongings are re-purposed and we get to take ‘new to you’ items away!  Everyone brings their unwanted clothes, fabric, accessories etc, a plate and something to drink. At the designated time, the bags are opened and the free for all shopping begins!  Watch this space for more information about ANO clothes swaps coming soon.